Cacio & Pepe

Un cult romano interpretato dai migliori osti e chef

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A tribute to a great traditional Roman dish known throughout the world. The new book, written by food and wine critic Aldo Fiordelli, with a preface by ‘gastronauta' Davide Paolini, is a mouth-watering journey through the best trattorias and restaurants that offer cacio e pepe on their menus: 25 in Rome, 12 outside the city but also in London, Paris and Dubai. Each restaurant is described with curiosities and anecdotes and for each address there are indications on the quality of the pasta, pepper, Pecorino Romano D.O.P., creamy times, salient steps in the execution, with a description of an ideal wine pairing. A 196-page volume in Italian and English, with more than 250 previously unpublished photographs.