Carla Braccialini

La ragazza che non sapeva fare le borse

A book that recounts the 90 years of Carla Braccialini, the woman who without studies or other technical training in the fashion world was able to invent a new way of creating handbags, creating a brand that entered the international leather goods firmament.
An extremely personal account, accompanied by a rich selection of archival photos and shots taken directly from the Braccialini family's albums, which stems from the conversation between Carla Braccialini and the journalist and writer Maurizio Naldini, who, with his experience as a storyteller, interprets and guides her in what has become a veritable duet, in which the two exchange the role of narrator in stride.
Format 21x29,7 cm
214 pages
Hardback cover with hot pressing
Weight 1.478 Kg
ISBN 9788864820484
Maurizio Naldini