And the Origins of Made in Italy

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The first book entirely dedicated to Giovanni Battista Giorgini. Everyone knows that he was the ‘father of Italian fashion’, but few know the long journey that led Giovanni Battista Giorgini to organise the legendary fashion show on February 12, 1951 at Villa Torrigiani. This was the event where Italian fashion took its first steps onto the global stage, to then be ‘moved’ to the Sala Bianca in Palazzo Pitti, which again was Giorgini’s idea. And almost no one knows that the birth of Italian fashion almost took place in New York and not Florence.
G.B. Giorgini and the Origins of Made in Italy is the first book to tell this extraordinary story, which is not only about the birth of Italian fashion but more specifically about Made in Italy; and it tells this story by delving deep into the Archivio Giorgini, the vast documentation he himself left behind, relating to both his private and professional life.
A coffee table book of more than 230 pages in English and Italian, edited by Neri Fadigati and published by Gruppo Editoriale in collaboration with Polimoda, where the archive reveals historical photos together with letters, invitations, programmes, articles and other materials from the time.
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Gian Luca Bauzano
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Neri Fadigati
Sonnet Stanfill