Vita, aneddoti e ricordi di Gianni Mercatali nel racconto di Umberto Cecchi

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Journalist Umberto Cecchi, for years director of La Nazione, tells the incredible biography of Gianni Mercatali, the man who made the history of communication and public relations in Tuscany. It is a compelling story, to be read all in one breath, which traces the characters and passions that marked the professional and private life of the man thanks to whom many famous artists arrived in Florence and Versilia, from Ugo Tognazzi to Gino Paoli, Paolo Villaggio, Enrico Montesano, to all the greatest chefs of the Italian and international scene. The exhibitions and events organized by Mercatali, which have remained in the historical memory of the city, alternate with a pressing rhythm to the anecdotes, studded with his gallant humor and that special joie de vivre that few others like him have been able to convey through their work.
Only available in Italian
Umberto Cecchi