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Gruppo Editoriale srl is a publisher that for more than 25 years has specialized in lifestyle and local culture based publishing, aimed at an audience of high-profile tourists and distributed to the very best bookshops, leading 5-star hotels, venues and boutiques in Italy's greatest art cities - such as Florence, Rome, Milan, Venice, Capri, Cortina, Riccione and Sicily - and major international metropolises such as Dubai.
International focused magazines brought together in the Italia Experiences collection, which portrays these stunning cities from an unprecedented, genuine and exclusive perspective, through the eyes of renowned photographers and personalities in entertainment and art. Published in two languages (English/Italian) or, in the case of the magazine distributed in Dubai, in English only.
Along with Italia Experiences magazines, Gruppo Editoriale handles and has edited the official magazines of Italy's most prestigious hotel groups, such as Seasonings by Four Seasons Italia, Cosmho by the four Marriott hotels on the Costa Smeralda, Collection by hotels in the Lungarno Collection, a Ferragamo family group, and many others. As well as several other periodicals, amounting to a total of more than 20 magazines.

This publisher also boasts a rich series of collectible coffee table books released in premium editions, focusing on historical photo archives, iconic destinations, artists and never-before-told stories, such as Fashion in Florence through the lens of Archivio Foto Locchi, The Elegance of Speed, Il Borro Toscana, Helvetia & Bristol Firenze, Bellosguardo J.K., Milano by Maurizio Galimberti, Album Stefano Accorsi, the famed actor's first autobiography, G.B. Giorgini and the Origins of Made in Italy, the first book on the history of this renowned figure, father of Italian fashion, The King of the color, about the life of Enrico Coveri, and many others.
Other publications include valuable guidebooks detailing Italy's prettiest cities, a special series of tailored guides on the world of fine Italian handicrafts, and one about Italy's most iconic dishes, such as la Fiorentina (Florentine steak), Risotto alla milanese, and Cacio e pepe.

Gruppo Editoriale works digitally as well, both through portals and web-magazines relating to the business of the travel experience - such as, which has become one of the favorite hangout spots for those who want to keep up to date on what to do and see in Florence and Tuscany - and trough social media. In addition to devoting itself to the creation and curatorship of exhibitions and the organization of events in exclusive locations, partnering with leading international brands.

GRUPPOEDITORIALE.COM collects and allows you to browse online all the Italia Experiences magazines - Firenze Made in Tuscany, Roma the Eternal City, Milano the City of Style, Venezia Made in Veneto, Capri the Divine Coast, Sicily the Land of Sun, Cortina Discover the Dolomites, Riccione the heart of Riviera Romagnola, Summer Forte dei Marmi made in Versilia and Dubai Italia Experiences - along with the other magazines published by Gruppo Editoriale, which also features every book and guide produced. also allows users to subscribe to the magazines, or purchase individual issues along with the very best of Gruppo Editoriale's bookstore.

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